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Started by stog, April 19, 2012, 09:49:34 PM

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a couple of people recently questioned my tourney schedule link ( which they said pointed to the 4th page of chat rather than the 'schedule' itself which is in the first 2 posts (date created)

the default for this board (and for most i think) is date first, which means that the tourney schedule topic -- 4 pages starts with the first post (by date created) and hence my link here does go to the important part directly so...

again ; the default order for the tourney 'board' is first post, then 4 pages of 'chat' -- ie our link takes you to page 1 message 1, which is where your longer message specific link goes! i think a few of you need to adjust your sort settings: go to Profile...look and layout -- and ensure that "most recent posts at top" isn't checked, which i think is the default when you first register..

when i get a chance i'll check that this is so -- and if not then a long link such as will be needed.

let me know where this link takes you -- page 1 or 4? (where page 1 is the first post of the topic by date created - by sixty)

ok , checked it and this is what a Guest sees...


It takes me to page 1...but then it always did.
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thx all

i think we can now assume that if you get p4, then you have adjusted your settings, and need to reconfigure them;

some boards eg the current running fibsboard match, are set up by default, to read 'last post first', and if you have changed the setting described, you will not be able to enjoy as much forum 'ease of use'