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Couldn't change profile

Started by paulie, March 30, 2014, 07:04:47 AM

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I tried adding a signature to my profile and when I clicked on the button "change profile" I received a database error which said to try again and
if it didn't work a second time to contact an administrator.  So I am contacting an administrator.
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Stog is the administrator of Fibsboard.  When I want to contact stog, I click on "Home", find an article with stog's signature, click on his name anywhere and I will be taken to his home page, then, I scroll down to either "report to admin" or "personal message" and he will get my message.   :yes:  Sometimes I find stog's name in the "Forum", or sometime I merely "search" stog.  Many ways to get to stog.   :yes:  Ya just gotta remember who da bossman here!   :thumbsup2:


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