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FFM19 Game 3 Move 27: Herd cube action?

Started by Julia_H, August 17, 2014, 07:30:33 AM

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In a sudden burst of drama, the Herd rolled 65 and was forced to hit; Christopher danced with a 31. Time for a pause to consider that cube...


i would hold off turning the cube. i really can't see him taking this and we are probably into the "too good" territory.  1's and 2's complete the prime, and 7's hit the second checker.



Looks too good to me.  He'll need 11 transitions to save gammon and we have several rolls that close him out.  Meanwhile, few sequences are market gainers, so we can cash next time if things don't pan out.



Too good by a mile, I suspect. 1s and 2s close him out and we may be able to send back the blot on the 11-point to put two on the roof.