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FFM19 Game 3 Move 28: Herd to play 62

Started by Julia_H, August 18, 2014, 06:38:28 AM

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The Herd plough on towards that gammon, and are rewarded by the evil GNU with the only deuce that doesn't close their board. I'll let you argue over the merits of picking up the blot versus the all-out gammon charge, while I go and play a day of 7-pointers at the Mind Sports Olympiad...



18/10 is best when Chris fails to shake a five.  7/1 5/3 is best when he does. 

After 18/10 we are very likely to cover and then win a gammon.  Lifting doesn't guarantee a win if he enters.  I'll make the bold play.




Leaving the 5pt slotted turns a red five from an inconvenience to a disaster!


Clem writes, " I'll make the bold play."

It's worth remembering that most kamikaze pilots died.

Robert J Ebbeler