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FFM19 Game 3 Move 31: Herd to play 33

Started by Julia_H, August 21, 2014, 06:50:06 AM

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Christopher had already told me he was taking, so on we go. And 33's a stinker of a roll - no getting past or hitting, and staying back to offer only the one direct shot costs you your four point.



Of all the lousy rolls, this one may be the lousiest.  But there were lots of lousy rolls, so dice whining is uncalled for here.

Staying on the eighteen leaves 23 shots.  Moving up to the 15 leaves any 3,4, or 6 to hit i..e. anything other than 52 and 55.   I think we have to stay on the eighteen and hope for one of the 13 whiffs.  Whatever we do, it's cube city, so which of the two options allows us to take? Not sure, and not sure it matters since they both might be a pass with our now crunched board.

I'll leave the spare on the six, but not sure that it matters.

6/3(2) 4/1(2)



i also like staying on the 18 rather than moving up, so for me its 6-3 (3) 4-1.  i dont think the gap by keeping a checker on the 6 serves any real purpose.