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Final Name Poll

Started by agerson, March 23, 2005, 08:23:18 PM

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What about "CocoaPrime iFibs"? It contains everything as cocoa is correlated with mac......  


I think CocoaPrime iFibs is a bit long. Cocoa is related, but not obvious.
I voted for iFIBS, because its brilliant association to mac.
But still i'd rather use "MacGammon".
Can't be more obvious what it is, except for no reference to FIBS.
But on the other hand, it might bring people not familiar to FIBS to start using it.



I think ifibs is the perfect choice......but, just as a matter of interest, with the recent news about Apple winning a court case against an individual who had registered the domain "" months before Apple had done so, could they (Apple Corp.) take action action against a programme designer who they may feel is using their "i" prefix to pass as an official Apple prog.??? :blush:

I am just really thinking out loud and haven't given it much thought, but it kind of occured to me as I was placing my vote!  :blink:

That will be shaken, not, stirred!


well mrbond...

they (apple) will have to get very busy then, plenty of i-apps out there with no direct relation to apple except that they run on osx. I think not - the issue in the case you mention must be related to the i-tunes name somehow.



yes, MrBond. DHII is probably right.

I cannot imagine of some company betting the copyright for a LETTER.

I remember some years ago, Philipp Morris wanted to get the copyright for
the colour red in advertisements for making Marlboro and the colour red a undevideable
combination that was not allowed to be copied, even in parts, by contenders.
This was rediculouse and they failed at the court with it, of course.

But if you want to see, what creative impact this 'brandmarking' of prefixes got,
check this small flick about a software called ' I###### 2.0 ' :




the censor is working the american way...

ok, if anyone is intersested in this flick, the #ed-out letters are:

B - I - T - C - H