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Neophyte here. Please help!

Started by Neophyte, September 04, 2009, 01:07:07 AM

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Hello, all.

Let me start with "Thanks!" for helping me to understand what's up with the 3DFiBs program I downloaded a few days ago; and in case it matters, that would be Version 4.0.71. My hope is to practice offline against the computer so eventually I can play online without embarrassing myself too badly, but for now, anyway, this one simple thing is hanging me up: My computer opponent seems free to move whichever piece it chooses regardless of the order of the dice, while I am restricted to always moving the higher number first. Does that make sense? For example, if I were to roll 6-3, I must move 6 first whether I want to or not. Now if the computer were to roll 6-3, chances are good that it would opt for 3-6 instead. So, is there some handle to be jiggled or some button to be pushed that would allow me to choose which piece to move? And keep in mind that I'm basically technologically-challenged, so please keep it simple.

Many thanks again for your help.  :)



Hi Neo.

I don't use 3DFIBS, but have you tried right clicking the dice?

It *might* work.

Good luck.


That took care of it, Maria. (Actually I have to right click on the checker.) I appreciate your help. Have a great one!