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How to START another game with player you just finished playing a game with

Started by rebcalale, November 11, 2009, 08:59:19 PM

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When a games is complete, my opponent will often start another game without any confirmation from me that I want to play also.  How do they do this?  They seem to have the choice to play another game or end the match but I don't using 3DFIBs.  The first role in the next game happens immediately.  Sometimes I don't want to play another game but if I disconnect, the game saves and I get another saved game.  How do I avoid this??   Please help.

I have tried to use CHAT to inform my opponent I don't want to or can't play another game.  However if they ignore this I don't have any recourse other than to play or get another saved game.


When you agree to play a match, it includes a match length. The next game in the match will start automatically when the previous game ends until the match is decided.

See the rules for match play:

If you want to play one game at a time, invite players to one-point matches.  If you agree to play a longer match, etiquette demands that you either play it to the end or resign the match.  You can offer to save and resume later, but only if you really intend to finish the match later.


For heaven's sake reb, read that damn help file that came with 3dfibs. I said READ it, not just look at it.
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