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Game 2 Move 14 Forum to play 6-5

Started by ah_clem, December 16, 2009, 02:11:46 PM

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Poll runs for 24 hours (17 Dec 1300 UTC) or until the result is clear, whichever comes first.  Other voting options cheerfully added.  Just ask


We did all that work to slot the one and two points and now we have a chance to make both.  It seems anti-thematic to do anything else. 8/2 6/1.

It's not a next since I often wait too long to run and perhaps moving the backman up and making one of the homeboard points is the right play. I'm just not a good enough player to know for sure, hence the vote.
Thinking about it some more, the only plays that hit and cover for Schig are doubles.  He won't hit loose in his homeboard against a closed board so our runner is pretty safe for now.  I think he might hit loose in the outfield against a 5 point board with a blot, so moving up is risky.  Of course we have to get the runner in motion eventually, but he'll be safer moving through enemy lines with a closed board.

So, I've convinced myself that it is a next, but since I've gone through the trouble of posting the poll, let's let it run.


Robert J Ebbeler