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3dfibs & Win 7

Started by chuckeffler, June 10, 2010, 03:30:54 PM

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Running the latest version of 3dfibs on Win 7 64 bit. Program hangs for 2-10 seconds every time it's the software's turn to play. Any suggestions? Can't run in XP compatible mode, don't have that capability in the version of Win 7 that I have. Thanks


Sorry, I have no solution for you, but I have notice a few strange happenings with WinVista and 3DFibs.   :ohmy: 

I am unable to save all of my shouts.  The program cuts off as some point, so I have to keep copy/pasting shouts frequently or they are lost.  Also, I can't copy/paste just anything into shouts.  Sometimes I can only copy/paste one line at a time, but not always.  I think I figured out that one.  It may have something to do with wrap around.  And, more bugs, I can't see NIHolympic in shouts.  A couple of days ago, I began not being able to see Patti in shouts as well.  Then, more troubling, last tourney I ran, the chat boxes were not popping up as they had been, thereby enabling me to get responses from persons in the tourney.   :unhappy:


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Quote from: socksey on June 10, 2010, 07:58:54 PMAnd, more bugs, I can't see NIHolympic in shouts. 

Isn't that a feature?  :laugh: :laugh:

Same deal as always...this is a predominantly unsupported interface and it wont keep up with changing operating systems accordingly...
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