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Started by Dao, August 23, 2010, 11:55:19 AM

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i am a new user by 3dfibs.
After logging i invite another user.
Then i cant ses rolls and dice.
I can write (call or chat) no playing. What is the problem.
Refreshing doesnt bring a solution.


Can I refer you to an earlier post...

In all seriousness, this has always been an issue with this client...there used to be an FAQ page for 3D - and it told you how to deal with that there.  It has been gone for years, and I can't remember what it said.

Maybe someone can help, maybe an uninstall and a reinstall might help...but you best bet in the long run is to follow the advice in the link above.  You will be guaranteed to get current support and much more control over your gameplay and site interaction.
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There are a gazillion subjects on how to use 3DFibs here: 

Your question is unclear to me, but you should find the answer to your question somewhere in that list.   :)  If not, look for me when you are on Fibs and perhaps I can help you further.  I've been using 3DFibs for a while now since I've been using my laptop and am enjoying it more. 

Javafibs is still superior in my opinion, but it does take some setting up to get there which is sometimes difficult for newbies.  If you choose to go that way, you will find lots of help to setting that up in the "forum" area here down on the list where different interfaces are discussed toward the bottom of the subjects list. 


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