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At 3DFiBs board I have to refresh each move?!

Started by HalFire, December 08, 2010, 07:30:48 PM

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I recently started playing at 3DFiBS instead of Parloplay. Everything has worked fine until today.
Now everytime I or my opponent rolls I have to hit refresh each time to see the roll and to finish my play.
I have checked the update and everything is current. Previously I roll, make my move, then click on
the dice and my opponent then does his/her thing. Why would this change suddenly and how do
I correct this requirement to refresh on every motion I must make.  Thanks.


I am not sure why you moved from parlorplay to 3DFibs...instead of to javafibs..but there ya go  ;)

Is it every time you make a move?  If you are playing at a time when internet traffic is high, and lots of people are logged in, you might be experiencing lag.  That causes commands to get lost on the way to the fibs server, and you need to send them again.  That is my best explanation for what you are describing, unless you can give us more information.
Next time it happens, check how many players are logged in, and if anyone else is complaining about lag.
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Well the traffic isn't any different than at other times. Also I cannot click on the shout button and converse
with those in the room. Now everytime I enter text it never shows. This other problem along with my first
one started at the same time.  Is this a possible setting problem that I can control?
I left Parloplay because many times I would have to repeat the same moves more than once.
Next stop was 3DFibS and until now it worked.


I agree with diane - switch to JavaFibs!

Look at the poll running here: on Fibsboard for an idea of its relative popularity.


I do not know why, but now 3dfibs started to work again - I did no changes :thumbsup2:

I have just the same problem started yesterday. I have to newest version 4.0.79. I have tryed in 2 computers located different firewall and network and same problem for both computers - I think this is not related any updates.

I have to refresh every move to get dices on the screen. Offline play works as before - so it cannot be display problem. When I click the screen - nothing happens and when I click it again server window say 'You did already roll the dice' then refresh and the dices appear to the screen - in every move. First dices comes to the screen normally when my turn to start. Every forced moves works without refresh.


I would like to know to know the answer to this as I have recently experienced the same issue.

Thx in advance.


I, too, have been experiencing this problem and with JavaFibs!   :ohmy:  I agree with diane that it seems to happen at heavy traffic times.  I've been typing shouts 2 or 3 times before it shows up and the same with kibitzes and tells (not every time, but occasionally).  I think this may be a problem we are going to have to live with as traffic gets heavier and heavier.   :cry:


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If you are getting this problem with javafibs...definitely upgrade to version 1.012, not only is your own experience better - but you lighten the load on the server, making it slightly better for everyone else.

Other than that, yes - extra load will cause what every calls 'lag', but it really more appropraitely termed 'server overload' maybe?
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Quote from: lucky_paddy on February 04, 2011, 11:14:07 AM
I would like to know to know the answer to this as I have recently experienced the same issue.

Thx in advance.

It's a server related problem. Manually type the command:


and you are done.

I personally like 3Dfibs because it's the only client that has nice animation.