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importing errors in matches

Started by pumpui, January 05, 2011, 11:53:15 PM

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Lately, I have been having trouble importing matches using 3d fibs.  I get multiple errors whether I use Snowie or GNU thus making any analysis worthless.  I have tried using an older version of 3dfibs.  I have tried clean installs by cleaning out registry files and have even gone so far as to completely reformat my hard drive and reinstall everything from scratch.  Still I get errors!  Many people have tried me to use JavaFibs and I have tried.  Really I have.   I find that frustrating to the point where it is hard to even finish a match.  I love 3dfibs except for this relatively new problem.  From reading forums and 3dfibs help online, I think I need to convert log files after I have fixed the errors.  Compare a good file to my bad one.  The trouble is twofold.  First, I no longer have any good log files.  Second, it all looks like computer code to me and I cannot fathom where to start.  I don't know what is good and what is bad.  So, is anyone willing to help me by A: sending me a known good log file so that I may compare the two; or B: look at my log file and highlight the errors so that I might see them for myself?  If anyone might have any other suggestions as to how I can fix this problem, you will have my undying gratitude. 

Thank you,