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Is the repbot rating dynamic or static?

Started by ah_clem, July 28, 2011, 01:16:33 PM

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Is the repbot rating dynamic or static?

I've been wondering about this and I can't find the answer in the docs.  By "dynamic", I mean that a vouch or complaint weighting grows as the voucher/complainer's experience grows.  By "static" I mean that the weighting is determined at the time of the vouch/complain and remains the same going forward.

For example, suppose userX signs up for FIBS, plays a one point match against userY, and files a vouch.  Also assume userY has no complaints or vouches.  Since UserX has an experience rating of 1, UserY will have a repbot rating of 1.   

Fast forward a year.  userX now has 1000 experience points, and userY hasn't gotten any more vouches or complaints.  Is UserY's repbot rating 1 (static) or 1000 (dynamic)?


Static in the terms you describe. We used to remove vouches given early and revouch with the new weighting, back in the old days when you could do it at any time. You can do the same thing now, obviously you have to play another match with the person in question, but that shouldn't be an issue, if they were worth the vouch  ;)

Dynamic in terms that if a nick expires, their opinion falls off your reputation.
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