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a few questions...

Started by dno, September 02, 2011, 12:55:34 PM

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afternoon  :)
well today i finally plucked up the courage to play on fibs and had a good(albeit sketchy on my part)game,which i duly lost :laugh: the thing is at the end of the game i wanted to send a shout to my opponent(if you're reading this artur,thanks for the game)thanking him for the game,but i had a message come up that shout had been disabled by sysop ? any advice on how to enable it ?
and whats with my moves being played automatically ? very disconcerting...


New players have a limit on their shouts, I think it goes away when you get a certain amount of experience, I'm not sure what the limit is though. Moves shouldn't be played automatically for you by fibs, but your client might do it if it's a forced move or you have greedy bearoffs toggled. You can use the "tell" command to thank your opponent for the game, tell is aimed at one person shouts are for everyone.


FIBs does do forced moves, if you have it toggled on...

-> help toggle-automove
  YES: forced moves are done automatically.
  NO:  You have to move yourself.

It may be that your client has toggled it on - you can toggle it off again.

Personally I like it on, when a forced move is really nasty, I prefer the 'rip the plaster off' approach of just letting fibs do it quick and relatively painless  ;)
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thanks for the replies  :thumbsup2:
i've only been playing against gnubg since i started at backgammon,so its a bit of a steep learning curve to get used to new software as well as playing against real people,its definately shook my game up and made me realize i'm not as good as i thought i was :laugh: