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Game 1, move 4 : Herd 3-2

Started by diane, August 23, 2012, 10:30:30 AM

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Ick. I know we slotted the 5 with the intention of making it, but giving up the 8 and making our position more inflexible isn't great. And once the 5 is made, the 11-point isn't a lot of use at all. Still, it is the 5-point.



Seems like covering the 5 point is a must. (when in doubt, make the 5 point). Then it's a choice between the "safe"play 8/6 and the "bold" play 13/11.

Stacking a 5th checker on the six seems inflexible, the advantage is that the ensuing blot is 7 points away (6 shots) instead of 4 (14 shots).  But she'll have to break her anchor to hit and only 3 of those hitting numbers cover her homeboard blot.  I like the bolder more flexible play better.

13/11 8/5



13-11 8-5  giving up the 8 pt entirely i think is an error. the blot on the 8 isnt as exposed as you might think as patti would have to break her anchor to hit.  we also dupe her 4's with this move plus leaving a builder for later if not hit.