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Game 2, move 12 : Herd 6-4

Started by diane, October 03, 2012, 11:04:22 AM

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All the options seem pretty do you choose the right one?
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13-3 is my move.  i think it gives us a few more rolls to play with so patti's can crack more before we start bearing off.  i dont think any of the other alternatives are  blunders but i think this is the best of the choices.


I think Patti's board has quite a bit of life left. However, she's out of 6s and 5s, so it's time to think about trapping her off the anchor. I'll go with 13/3, with a view to clearing the 9 or 10 next roll (leaving just 55/66 as a joker), one man hanging back to pick up the escaper and hopefully plenty of attacking potential.



We want to complete the bear in without leaving any shots if possible.  That means playing flexibly and avoiding gaps and stripped points.  Right now, all our points except one is stripped.  We can remedy that by playing both runners - I like 14/8 13/9, but the other play is probably about even.

One of two things is going to happen - either Patti rolls big and can't move in which case her racing lead diminishes or she rolls small and her board crunches.  Time is on our side and I think we should keep the prime for as long as possible.

All that said, I don't expect there's a big equity difference between the plays.  Next roll when we might have a choice to keep the anchor or trap her by forcing her to break anchor there will be more equity at stake.