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Game 2, move 13 : Herd 6-1

Started by diane, October 05, 2012, 09:50:02 AM

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is there anything clever to do with this one?
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i like 9-3, 9-8  since patti cant play 5's from her inner board i think the trap play is called for.  yes we're screwed if she rolls double 5's but its a risk i'm willing to take.


I agree. We're going to have to open the prime in the next couple of rolls, well short of equalising the race, so we might as well do it (a) before we use up our spares and pile blots behind, inhibiting us from hitting and (b) while our back man offers no extra fly-shots (55 is a disaster for us anyway).



I like the "normal" play where we keep the prime.  13/7 looks more like Trice's wave than 13/8 6/5.

The trap play may well be best, but I'm not convinced.  I'd rather keep the prime, watch her board crunch, and only leave a shot after she has no containment.