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Game 3, crawford, move 3 : Herd 3-2

Started by diane, November 16, 2012, 11:46:13 PM

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Never give up on the things that make you smile


We're way behind in the race, with a poor outfield.  Taking a leaf out of dorbel's excellent daily blog, Im voting to unstack both of our heavy points with 13-10, 6-4.


Yowch - really don't like 13/11, once the five is made that man really doesn't threaten to do very much. Must remember to vote tactically next time.


I probably should have extended the voting on this one - in the end I changed my vote to one which seemed to sum up what people wanted to do - when ah_clem gets to analysing..will be interested to see what that says!
Never give up on the things that make you smile


I missed this one, but I would have voted for the simple 13/8 - unstack the midpoint, bring a spare to the 8, and leave the 3-1 stinger structure in the rear.


XG Roller++


steifnu had the right idea.  Unstack & slot.  But the other choices are not too far behind.


    1. XG Roller++ 13/10 6/4                    eq:+0.004
      Player:   51.06% (G:15.33% B:0.50%)
      Opponent: 48.94% (G:12.99% B:0.59%)

    2. XG Roller++ 13/11 13/10                  eq:-0.016 (-0.020)
      Player:   50.03% (G:14.95% B:0.48%)
      Opponent: 49.97% (G:12.62% B:0.55%)

    3. XG Roller++ 24/21 13/11                  eq:-0.025 (-0.029)
      Player:   49.46% (G:13.27% B:0.39%)
      Opponent: 50.54% (G:11.41% B:0.43%)

    4. XG Roller++ 13/8                         eq:-0.028 (-0.032)
      Player:   49.29% (G:14.96% B:0.41%)
      Opponent: 50.71% (G:11.06% B:0.45%)

    5. XG Roller++ 13/11 6/3                    eq:-0.040 (-0.044)
      Player:   48.86% (G:14.55% B:0.43%)
      Opponent: 51.14% (G:13.10% B:0.59%)

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