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intempestive interruptions when playing against bots

Started by odiv, December 31, 2012, 11:40:59 AM

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My config : Windows 7, using client 3D Fibs 4.0.79

Since one year now, my games always get interrupted  (  ) while playing against bots. It happens at least 1 time per game, sometimes more but never while playing against any human player.

Symptoms : First, all of a sudden,  I can hear the little "end of the game" sound then the game is stucked : I have to refresh the board before continuing playing. Moreover, when I try to analyze these games through GNU afterwards, the export files are corrupted ( of course, there's one corrupted file by interruption... ). Has anyone met this problem ? Is it due to my client or to the fact that the bots play "too fast" ?

Thanks lots.



Since the problem seems to be with the bots vs 3dfibs, you might ask Tom or inim to help you if one of them is there when you have the problem, or you might try another client such as Javafibs.


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