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You caused it

Started by connell, August 24, 2011, 01:35:50 AM

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Did you see Patti introduction at the beginning of FIBS.

I blame you guys and RepBot for this.  I have never received more unwarranted abuse than has been caused by repbot.

You cause more problems than you fix. 

You cause more abuse than you prevent.

You cause more fighting and delay than you prevent.

You sit there in your holier than thou judgment of others.

You create this complex system that is inaccurate, facilitates slander of others, and causes fights.

The whole thing is disgusting.

Repbot says I am a good guy.  I have a very positive rating dispute the fact that I have never vouched for anyone.  When someone asks me to vouch for them if they vouch for me, I tell them to drop dead, go to hell, and never play me again.  Yet, I still have a good rating and many people play me.  I wish others would do them same.

So since Repbot says I am a good guy, you have to pay attention to what I say.  It is stupid, inaccurate waste of time and causes abuse.


Patti has apparently concluded that there is only one good guy on FIBS. I didn't know who he was until you identified yourself.

It's a goddam shame that the only good guy on FIBS must be punished due to the abuses of a bunch of imperfect humans and a bot designed for abuse. I probably won't get to sleep tonight for at least 5 minutes just agonizing over your plight.

Robert J Ebbeler


Please do not feed or annoy the troll.