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Can't get FIBS to work

Started by ron9567611, December 07, 2018, 10:04:31 PM

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I have been away from FIBS for a long time. I have FibZilla 5.0. I have tried repeatedly to log in and start playing again, but when I do, in the command window the FIBS logo scrolls and then, if I count correctly, three lines of "Login:" and then I am disconnected. My old ID and password (which used to work) are in the login dialog box but apparently don't get to the server.

I have a number of questions. First, is FibZilla still working? Second, is the FIBS site still active? Third, if the answers are "NO" and "YES", can someone point me to some client software I can use to play on FIBS?

Thank you very much, and please email me if you wish.



The answers are "Yes" and "Yes".
Since you've been away from Fibs for a long time you must create a new username and password.