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Custom Boards / Construction-Manual

Started by BANQUE, August 04, 2005, 12:27:55 AM

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Hi everybody!

If anybody got Adobe Photoshop on his/her Mac,
here is the manual to design a CocoaFIBS-board by yourselve:

- ctrl-click on the cocoaFIBS-Icon of the program,
- choose 'show packages'
- Find the folder 'boards' in the folder 'resources'

- there are 4 Boards in this folder - grab the
 folder 'wood' and duplicate it to your hard disk (option-click and drag to desktop)

- the folder contains every graphic of the entire board:
 the background (board), 6 sides of player-dice, 6 of opponent`s ones
 1 player-chip from the field, one from the home, the pip-numbers
 and so on. All graphic parts end with '.png'

- open them all in Photoshop and give them a new look.
 (Maybe a wood-and-brass or a plastic or whatever...:-)

- leave the file'boardAttributes.plist' untouched

- when you are satisfied with your artwork, rename the folder from 'wood' to something
 different, maybe 'The_better_board' or something...

- Do step 1. to step 3. again and drag the folder with your new board into the 'boards'-folder.

- Start CocoaFIBS. 'The_better_board' will now be in the pulldown-menue
 'board style' in the preferences (Main menue: CocoaFIBS / Preferences / Board)

- choose 'The_better_board' from the menue and play your own custom-made-board

I an sure that Adam woul apreciate, when you design a new board for CocoaFIBS,
and i hope that it will show him the urgent need to continue the work on his great application.

He was quite busy this summer with work,but when we make him feel, that he's not alone
in NYC whith this application and all we users want to be part of the next beta, maybe this
might help him accelerate the release of the next version.

He said, that in one of the next vesiones, he will make the boards scaleable.
So it would be helpful, if you double the image-size of all the files to have it
in a big version. But dont forget to make them small for your cocoa 0.4

Send the big ones to Adam. He will scale them down for the next version with non-scaleable-boards, but he will so got the big versiones for the  later upcoming versiones with scaleable boards.

I am sure, that he will install your boards in the next version, becuse he did with my 2 boards, too. I got a 3rd board in the pipeline and i am looking forward to see it in 0.5 ;-))

btw: my first board (the Leather one) took me 8 hours from step 1. to 9., and in my opinion,
this is not invested too much.

I would also apreciate any idea for a new board, if someone got some, but got no
time/Photoshop/fun in making small graphic works.

But believe me: it is that simple!

Thank you all for your interest in this topic and GL to all of you.

cu on FIBS



Gee, I'd take any old board right now. I'd be happy with a working Cocoa. Java just ain't doin' it for me and I hate like heck to have to start up my classic for MacFibs.

---In mourning in Antioch
Don't argue with an idiot; people watching may not be able to tell the difference.


Hi Feklhr,

I got no idea, what happened with cocoa and the FIBS in the last 2 days, but Adam send me another update last night and it seems to work well.... so far.

But i know, that cocoaFIBS only exists, because Adam, a IT-student from NYC, had to code and design a application for his master prog. in CS1.
What do you think will happen, when Adam finished his education, got into business and cocoaFIBS
crashes again? Damn right: JavaFibs.

So for us, the only way to let him know that there are about 1500 Fibsters playing with this Application and are depending on his support is to give him the feeling of doing something a lot of people care for, so that he will NOT STOP continuing the developement after his exam. Best way to do so is beeing part of the developement. Do you get the idea?

Of course: Another way to show him, that we apreciate his work is to make a donation.
Its up to you to decide, which way you want to go. But only using a stand-alone-application for free and complaining about bugs without any form of  valuable feedback is something i would only do with apps from Macromedia or Adobe, but not with the work of a student. OK?

So please keep posting any idea, bug, boarddesign or just a short 'Thanks' to Adam ( and make his day, like he did our for so many times.

Thanks to all of you. BANQUE


On the other hand, why waste time decorating something that won't work? I would guess Adam will follow up because it's his baby and he wants it to be right. I'm sure the desperate pleas of those who want a working Cocoa are not falling on deaf ears.

Now, go take care of your own business and stop lecturing to folks in mourning.
Don't argue with an idiot; people watching may not be able to tell the difference.


Sorry Feklhr,

you are obviously right.

Inspired by the truthful subline of your postings,
I apologise really deeply and thank you for the
pecisely fomulated and worthful advice.

I hope i can meet your standart in beeing a useful
member of this forum in the future and will keep my
mouth shut from now.



LOL - it is an approach - or shouldnt ya all just pay the guy a little something???

It dont need to break the banque  :D  - just a small token from a lot of people will make the whole thing worth his while!

Consider it.   :rolleyes:
Never give up on the things that make you smile