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How do you stop the dice from auto rolling?

Started by bluescreen, June 23, 2005, 02:48:49 AM

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I guess the title says it all. Once my opponent moves, I have less than one second to try and click the doubling cube before my die are automatically rolled. No matter how fast I try, I always seem to get the "Sorry, you can only double the cube before you roll" error message.

Any ideas?


Assuming you arent playing a one point match  ;) , use the command line to send the command 'toggle double'.  That will work until someone can tell you where the icon is for it in this client   :)  
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Right diane.
What is your client bluescreen ?
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There is a icon in the bar for toggling doubling.

Click it and that should help.  Though, it does not change when it's active, so don't keep clicking.


Hi Everyone.

Thanks for the replies! I will try the "Toggle Double" button. I didn't know that was its purpose. I am on OS X.3 (Panther).