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my best scores against my old enemy GnuBG

Started by ayran, December 07, 2012, 01:07:35 PM

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...... and I'm still convinced that GnuBG has some 'features' that give it advantages over me !

        Cheers from down under !



I found the board on which "GnuBG" is programmed to do those curly-curls when moving from place to place, to show how great that programme is -- or how up himself the guy is who wrote that software  (and that clearly shows that it's some doink and not a woman!) - as contrasted with the ordinary 'human player' whose token just moves in straight lines !

Maybe that "GnuGB" doesn't cheat like it does in other places, since I was able to beat it 24 to 6 - so I took a pic of it.

Cheers !  ;)


  This one doesn't seem to cheat ( I don't think ...)  :cool: