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Antique? Backgammon Table

Started by relcock, January 13, 2013, 04:44:52 AM

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I am not an avid backgammon player however I do enjoy playing the game with family. Yesterday I was at an auction when the auctioneer presented a backgammon table. It struck my curiosity and I was able to secure it for $20. Once I got it home and looked over it I started wondering if it wasn't a rather unique piece. I am putting some pictures up of it for any feedback. It may just be a run of the mill homemade piece but I figured it was worth a look from those who play the game avidly. Any feedback, comments, info would be appreciated. It does not have any markings indicating anything about it. Also has no drawers or anything.


I'm no expert - but for $20 it's a nice enough piece either way  :)