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Vic's Dinners thru the Ages

Started by vegasvic, April 28, 2014, 11:57:07 PM

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Easter dinner 2014

Hope no one is squeamish this is something i have cooked two years running , Joseph Keller's French Laundry spring lamb 5 ways.

First the hard part to choose the baby lamb :( After an hour the Farmer has it skinned and dressed .

Next day trim and cut the parts . and braise the the shanks and breasts . Hell here is the site i used it took me total of 3 days .

Where these guys had 5 people working 3 days same meal :))

Before and after images .


The man that did the dirty deed Castro Gomez !!



I'd prefer a picture of you strung up on a hook.

:cripple: :cripple: :cripple:

Robert J Ebbeler


This is for all the Vegan friends of mine ....

The ButcherShop then the before and after shot of a wonderful aged sirloin.