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Casino And Poker

Started by saromaan, March 06, 2006, 10:59:11 AM

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hi friends
till now i played online poker in many many sites
[poker room,empire etc..]
now i wanna start playing online casino games like blackjack,roulette etc etc..
should i try it at the sites i mentiond or maybe there are site where i can find only casino games and not poker?


Playing any casino game is a certain way to lose money! At least with bg and poker, there is a chance that your skill may get you an even game or a small edge. Casino games? No forking chance mate! Save your money.


He do not say that he would save money.
He just said that he would play. Do it man  B)
But there is nothing to share here, this is BG place. Try Casinos' ones
Tomawaky "I feel good da da da da da da da.........i knew that i would now........."