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Started by heartisready, January 11, 2004, 10:06:46 PM

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hi ! i,ve beem installer realfibs's board  and i cannot join the game .please , i need help . sorry , but my inglish isnot my born language  :wacko:  


Please, maybe some people are sleeping during this WE :P  
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Did you register on FIBS already?


You can do it here
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Ok, where exactly does RealFibs stop it's work?
Can you run the program?
Can you log in at the FIBS server?

And what operating system are you running?

RealFibs programmer

P.S: Vielleicht kannst Du besser Deutsch als Englisch? In dem Fall schreib mir eine Mail, denn das mit dem Deutsch kommt hier in diesem Board bestimmt nicht gut  :P