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Team League forfeit policy

Started by don, December 01, 2007, 06:02:45 PM

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Hey sixty, this is about your:
Quotea discussion has begun as to whether an appeal for forfeits will be held .. we had an interesting shout session last night as the final hours of the extended season wound down .. to my knowledge, no resolution of the issue has been made .. frankly, i'm not sure what the exact procedure in making that decision will be .. it gets particularly tricky, if not sticky, since the league administrator and founders souptree and zyxtcba are both on teams directly and indirectly involved in the decision
The rules page on the Team League site states the procedure clearly:

Each Player is responsible for scheduling his/her own Matches.

Contact your opponents early.

Contacting your opponents should primarily be done by e-mail. Do not rely on FIBS messages or chats.

If contacting your opponent proves impossible, have your Captain contact the Captain of his or her Team.

If your opponent doesn't respond to your email within one week, send another and cc (at)

If there is no reply before the end of the Season, a ruling will be made by the Committee as to whether a sufficient, demonstrable (note that this specifically means cc'ing the Committee email address!) effort was made to schedule the Match, and award the Match accordingly.

Nobody will get any points in the event that neither Player has sent any email cc'ing the Committee.
I followed this procedure last session for one of my opponents and never got any action, not even a response, from the Dispute Resolution Committee.  I did, however, get flames in shouts during this session from the player who refused to play a TL match and refused any communications about it.  IMO the committee needs some new blood and I volunteer my services.

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