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Team League Dispute Resolutions

Started by don, January 09, 2008, 09:41:27 AM

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Note to Webrunner and FIBSters:

There has been a lot of discussion (and the inevitable flames) on FIBS about why I was booted out of the FIBS' Team-League.  I'd like to have a reasonable discussion.  I'd like to see in this thread relevant comments from team-captains (factotum, BushSucks, donzaemon, souptree, Zorba, mradica, resh_lakish, chopos, DeaDice, zyxtcba, jimbok, michaelsw, stog, houtx, sixty_something, padski, manxcat, rollingfool, Ramses) as well as current and former members of the Team-League Dispute Resolution Committee (zyxtcba, diane, vegasvic and souptree), and those actually involved in the dispute (zyxtcba, donzaemon, souptree).  (Redundancy is intentional.)

I've seen no coherent discussion, only emotions, on FIBS.  I want to say to those that agree with my point of view that I support the concept of Team-League completely.  It's a great idea for FIBS!  For those who disagree, I say Team-League is great!


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Here are the facts, as I understand them:

  • The original dispute occurred during a scheduled match, don vs. donzaemon, when I noticed donzaemon had pipcounts toggled off.  My request that he turn them on resulted in a lot of kibitzes and shouts;
  • With no consultation zyxtcba told donzaemon to drop the match and banned me from Team-League play;
  • souptree intervened and requested that I remain silent in shouts for a couple of days and I complied;
  • The match was completed;
  • souptree  informed me that I was not allowed to shout anything controversial about Team-League;
  • I informed souptree that I could not guarantee that I wouldnââ,¬â,,¢t respond to flames on FIBS;
  • I responded to flames from Team-League players and souptree banned me from Team-League play.

As far as pipcounts go, I donââ,¬â,,¢t think I need to point out that some GUIs show them whether or not they are allowed on FIBS.  Thereââ,¬â,,¢s a reason FibsLeaGammon requires that the pipcount be toggled on.

I admit I was in no hurry to move with donzaemon after the dispute, and in fact started a new and frequently unnecessary pipcount after each move and after each kibitz or shout from what I consider to be the ratpack of FIBS.

The intervention of zyxtcba, self-titled GodMin of FIBS, was no surprise.  There is history between me, zyxtcba, donzaemon, and those who were kibitzing and shouting at that time.

I had and have no clue if souptreeââ,¬â,,¢s fiat about my shout-ban for FIBS was a result of communication and deliberation of the Team-League Dispute Resolution Committee or not.  If so, then it should be applied fairly to all players, not just me.  If so, there should be some reasonable means by which a player could communicate with the DRC, or at least know how they arrived at their judgment.  souptree told me NOT to attempt attempt any such communication.

In any event, I refuse to acknowledge any commandment from souptree or any DRC that says I must tolerate flames on FIBS.  I ignore most of them, but reserve the right to respond to ALL of them.

With all that said, I welcome discussion, not flames, about this issue.


So many string dimensions, so little space time...


If I were a member of the Team-League Dispute Resolution Committee, I would in this situation:

  • Unlike zyxtcba (at the time a member), inform BOTH players to halt the match until pipcount dispute is resoved;
  • Never suggest censorship on FIBS.

So many string dimensions, so little space time...


I agree with you that after you complain about pip count that your opponent have to toggle them on.
And I don't agree with first reaction of Team-League Dispute Resolution Committee member! It was incongruously.

Anyway I am not listening a shouts at all so can't comment this part of your reclamation.
In general my opinion is that nobody can't be banned from tournament because of his words but Team League as any league or tournament on FIBS is private party so their inventors or directors or whatever can do what they want to do (on their own risk) or what they think it is best for League.

Personally, I think that you and those guys have to cover with earth war axe. I hope that you can play in next FIBS Team League session which altogether with FIBS LeaGammon and FIBS-O-NACCI consist best three competitive events on FIBS, IMHO.

My only suggestion for souptree was that he tries as he could to no start Team League session in same time with FLG session because there is at least 20 players who play in both leagues so it could become difficult for then to finished all their matches. My suggest was that TL session start in the middle of FLG session.

Also I like when TL is flexible and when TD adds more days so players can finished all their matches.
High % of played matches approve that.