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TL5 Post-season announcements

Started by sixty_something, March 08, 2008, 05:50:02 PM

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given souptree's continuing absence of both self and announcements at the TL website, i have recommended to zyxtcba to use FIBS shouts replicated in topics here at FIBsBoard for all subsequent "official" announcements

in no way is this suggestion intended to be anything other than a recommendation, but zyx has tried unsuccessfully to use the TL mail features and apparently continues to have problems accessing and using the site and shouts alone aren't going to be seen by all .. so, whatever he chooses to do is OK by me, he has my full support and respect for taking on an unnecessarily dirty job

this whole situation is an awkward mess. but zyxtcba is doing a great job trying to clean it up .. i encourage allTL fans and players to support him and cut him appropriate slack .. zyx is not the source of the ongoing problems this season, he is a solution

regardless, i'm still looking forward to an exciting conclusion of the TL5 playoffs which hopefully will ensue any day now

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