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GO achoo (amemnded:)

Started by spielberg, April 29, 2008, 02:10:51 AM

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Coming soon to a teamleague near you:

resh_lakish playing 9 pointers

spielberg playing 7s

kid_pantyhose playing 5s

(I promised fluttery I'd post the avatars and as it's her birthday....)


Thanks, spiel, for the birthday present.  As usual, I'm a bit confused, and have no idea who those people are - well, except for Jesus (that is Jesus, isn't it?) - but I'm sure someone will enlighten me.  Go Team Jew(beeeeeeep)s! I'll be rooting for you.
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Good luck to you and your team, Steve. Hope you'll make to the play-off.

But will TL6 start at all?

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Team Jewfucks' avatars are some religious guy, Leon Trotsky and Golda Meir.


Personally, I find the title of this thread offensive even with the ####'s.  It's either an offensive insult to a religion or an "Uncle Tom" same same.

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