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local proxy

Started by burper, March 04, 2004, 05:46:52 PM

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Sorry, seems like this has been close for a long time right? Am I just stringing you guys along?
It's just so hard to find a few minutes here and there within which to make meaningful progress.
And funny how when you are about to put your code in front of other peoples' eyes how there is suddenly a hundred things to do! I am ripping the heart out of the networking code and re-doing it right now ;) Otherwise, I am just pushing to get the initial version of the code onto the project site. Here is my plan:
-network recode and test
-a little bit of config gui stuff, saving properties etc...
-more testing with various clients and repalert demo plugin
-push the code up
-publish a pre-alpha jar for anyone who wants to test
-i18n coding
-take a pass at doc/web/javadoc/programmers guide
-improve the ant build.xml
-better packing for win/mac/linux

I hope people don't think there is going to be all sorts of wonderful functionality soon. The initial stuff is ONLY the platform for building the wonderful stuff later. The RepAlert demo plugin doesn't do very much, and in fact, it might not be doing the right thing. It's really for developers to see how to build a plugin.

I hope the TB GUI plugin is not too far behind this. I am hoping that if the companion is solid and out there, that people will discuss plugin's and start building them. Channels/rooms is a good one. The UTC/GMT/FIBS time thing might be a great idea (Click on a user and see their time, if that's possible), all sorts of things. But, the TB GUI is the ONLY plugin I have in the works and on the horizon at all. I have some ideas for the ChouetteBot GUI, and that is where I am headed.


Does it make coffee yet?  ;)  
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I've done most of the things on that list, but am still tweaking here and there before making it publically available. Maybe another week or so.


Status report, in case anyone still cares: I was tempted to put a pre-alpha up last night as it all works well with telnet, but I still need to do some debugging with javafibs. Once that works all other clip clients *should* work. I also need to put a security policy file in place so prevent any other machine connecting to the proxy than the localhost.

The API doc is up at:

The code (cvs) can be viewed online:


hey, burper, what's the status of fibscompanion?

i've just looked at the documentation at SourceForge and it appears to not yet be implented for installation

QuoteInstallation hasn't been designed yet, but the target platforms are the various versions of windows, mac's and unix/linuxes that are typically used by FIBS users

i'm running JavaFIBS 2001 v 1.009 on a Win XP platform .. i'm new to fibs related coding projects, but am looking for an entry point .. i'm a semi-retired old burned out programmer fart with a desire to get into coding again for some fibs related projects .. if this isn't a starting point any suggestions would be welcome
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I kind of let go of that one, and restarted what I thought might be an improved local proxy called FLiPS, which I dump into the stepfibs project also on Working on using a minimal perfect hash as a core (sort of a FibsCookieMonster on steroids), with modified bipart buffers on both streams (to handle processing segments in addition to the usual I/O).

I was envisioning it as a sort of message bus for a highly modular client using socket streams to connect the pieces rather than the classloading scheme FC used.

If FC is really what you are interested in, it was semi-usable at one point in time. I thought inim or someone like that told me they had used it for something or other, and maybe had a couple bugfixes, but they never committed them.