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Need help because of the connect-button...

Started by Lejo, April 16, 2008, 03:07:46 PM

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I am afraid my english is not good enough for my question, but I will try. Maybe here is an answer somewhere, but my english...

So: I would like to play KBackgammen but the toolbar with the connect-button and move-button and so on is lost. How can I bring it back?

Thanks, Ela


Welcome to FIBS. I do not know Kbackgammon at all. I do know almost any computer will run Java and thus JavaFibs which is most FIBSters choice for a front end. About the only computers on which I'd not recommend its use are Apple Macs which still have (and probably will have for the forseeable future given how long this has been known of) a buggy Java engine.