TourneyBot version 2.3 new commands

Started by Tom, November 09, 2010, 01:33:22 AM

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Version 2.3

UNAWARD command - the TD can fix clock timeout errors
EXTENDCLOCK command - allow the TD to extend the clock for players if warranted (rare)

Visual Brackets -

SUMMARY command - Gives a summary of the tourney state, clocks and pairs or final standings

Match Completion Notification - on Multi-Day tourneys notify the primary td of match completions
(If Timeout > 6 hours)

Announce score as it changes for finals?

Clock command - shows the clocks for each player, when the match was paired and last login/logout

A number of these were suggested by sixtie and some by socksey (Many thanks to both)

The bot actually handles multi-day tourneys pretty well, the TOC's that have been run have gone off ok.
(some minor issues, but I am working on them)

The bot has the HELP defined but I have not updated the web pages yet



Boy I must say that this release was the most disastrous release in a long long time.

Thank God for source control, it was easy to revert back to the earlier version.

Now to add the simplest ones back one at a time.

I think the core of the problem was the match monitoring for the finals.
It may have been sending the score changes to everyone instead of just a shout.

The strangest thing was it was working ok for a day or two (three?) before it hit the fan!