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Started by mradica, March 01, 2011, 10:40:07 AM

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I am looking for fine backgammon blogs which RSS feeds I would like to put on my backgammon blogs on sidebar.
There are six bg blogs RSS feeds right now on
Please, if someone know address for other blogs feel free to mail me on or leave blog URL here.
Also, I am looking for bg bloggers which like idea to provide me RSS feed which is not enable on their blogs right now.


btw take a look at my another bg blog, where you can find new four positions every week with short comments and long extreme gammon rollouts.

Also, I would like to put RSS feed of this board on my blog like gammon village did. Is it possible and how?


click the RSS icon of the particular board you wish to subscribe to -->

or click the bookmark icon (top right) of a particular Topic and choose 'more' for choice of share feeds such as 'blogger' etc