howdy HNY 2023
just sorting out Fibsboard a bit basically archiving it & updating the software to protect the database

let me know of any problems/ideas thx

should be easier to view on mobile devices now that's it's a more responsive design

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Dubrovnik Backgammon Magazine - Facebook Page

Started by mradica, June 04, 2011, 11:26:19 PM

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You can follow our magazine with daily update (checker play, doubling cube positions and backgammon news) on Facebook now.

There is Dubrovnik Backgammon Magazine Facebook page here:

Just like us and you will start to get our updates on your Facebook profile wall.


Sorry, my page original page for Dubrovnik Backgammon Magazine disappear with all people who like it so had to created new one here:
Some Facebook issue.
Mislav Radica