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Game 4, move 12: Stog 5-2

Started by diane, July 02, 2011, 09:32:48 AM

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Position ID: YndnAEDcNqMCCA

Herd danced with 4-4, stog is up again, man flu or no man flu  ;)

Never give up on the things that make you smile


12/7 13/11 appears my fave (as it tidies up a bit - even for me > 4 blots is excessive!)

i would like to  leave 13 as a poss builder for the prime but am chickin' leaving so many blots

will have breakfast and return with my answer...


grr man flu and such a beautiful day tooooooooo


13/6 looks good too

can't concentrate grrrrr

this is an excellent example of not playing when u r ill!

as this move has no time constraints i maybe should write out all possibles

divide by the number of said possibles and......


i can either maximise my chances of making the prime, which could collapse anyway, if i fail to get out  or am hit

if i get away without being hit, then i must use any possible 6 to extricate myself, so that seems to indicate that leaving the 6 builder is a waste (unless i get 66 of course)

i need a methodical thought process

impossible with man flu

i just want to curl up under a bush


this is such an important move for white --
(i could maximise and leave 5 blots -- urgh)

i'll be back

(is my clem friend available for some suggestions?)


12/7 13/11 remains my fave

but i'll wait to see if clem logs in and comments b4 i make my decision if that's ok ?

would be very interested in dorbel's take on this, or nihole sry niho ;) or all of you, so do comment once this move is made; it seems such an important move -- not to be rushed in a man flu haze -------

choices are

12/7 13/11
12/7 8/6
12/5 ?
11/6 12/10
12/7 8/6

would make another great guest poll methinks but we'll wait till ive made a decision

drum roll
yet another blow of nose



this one was tough for me and i got it completely wrong. (yes, i gnud it)  my choice was a blunder and not even the 2nd best move--glad i didnt give an opinion.

even with blunder moves here, clemstog is still a favorite.

however, its plays like this that separate the world class from the intermediate level of play.


I'm not sure this is right, but I'd go for the juggler - a doubled gammon wins the match and gammon losses don't matter, so play aggressively.

I'd play 12/7 11/9 to give the most shakes to cover the bar point. 


thx all

12/7 i like - slotting the bar point

but leaving the the blot on 13 as cover for the 6 point, doesn't work for me; if i get a 6 i want to get my back man out..
although as i said b4 -- 66 wld be great

that leaves the 2...

then there's 13/6 which i do like (arms us for closing out in the event of the herd bouncing, but ....that is a good argument for slotting the 6 point so

12/7 is a must i think

leaves the 2...


ok clem ---- wot's the point in askin you if i don't listen ;)

lets string the pearls......12/7 11/9

then again i am temped to be a tad careful too and 12/7 13/11 is less flexible -- but may be less disastrous and could block?


5 blots
one i must leave behind his board, but 2 i can tidy - less flexible --but recovering from multiple hits would be difficult

ok 12/7 11/9 let's do it :)