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I can't move the 2 out?!

Started by dream5695, March 03, 2015, 06:29:17 PM

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Please see the screen shots of a game I was playing using True Backgammon HD...on my iPad...I'm no expert so can someone confirm markus's response and make it clearer for me to understand. My reply was

Hi Markus....appreciate your answer but I can't see it....

1. When only one number can be played they must play that number....only the 2 can be played here.
2. Or if either number can be played, the 3 can't be played...or if either number can be played but not both....the 2 can be played from the 6 stone and then it can move the 3....this is then both numbers....I can play the 2 and the 3 if I play the 2 first with the 6 stone....I should be able to move the 2 stone and not the 3, this is then not both numbers!
3. You say if either number can be played but not both, the larger number must be I can't move the larger number, I can only move the smaller number and then I can move the larger number....this is both numbers...

It doesn't make sense to me....I should be able to move the 2 out and not be able to play the 3...

Can anyone help...I would be most grateful...many thanks in advance...Mike


The only legal play is 6/4/1. If you can play all the roll you must.


Thanks....I'm beginning to get it now....I checked out the rules too....I think your summary says it all in a nut shell...I guess if you made the 2 off move and handed over the dice, your opponent could say foul move and win the game....yes?  :(


No, you don't win the game if your opponent play illegally. For years the rule has been that he could either make you play legally or allow the illegal play to stand. Now a new rule is coming in that he can't condone the illegal play and must insist that you play correctly. However, online play doesn't permit you to play illegally, so the situation doesn't arise.