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New TourneyBot command FIXCLOCK

Started by Tom, August 22, 2014, 12:39:21 PM

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After a lot of consideration of the most common clock issue and figuring out ways to recover, we have come up with a new command.

This really could work well.

Hey - wait what does this button do?

:steam: :steam: :steam:

Well, we will see how it goes.

Here is the HELP for the command.
(Yes SHOCKING I have the Help written *before* we start using it! That means I have thought about it a LOT)

You tell tbot help fixclock
tbot says Syntax: TELL TBOT FIXCLOCK tn# Reason-for-correction
tbot says FixClock - This command is used to tell TBOT that you were incorrectly put on the clock.
tbot says This command is designed to address the most common situation of one player being away while the other is actively attempting to start the match.
tbot says TBOT will tell you when you may be able to use the command, a summary of the conditions are:
tbot says 1) You must be on the clock
tbot says 2) Your time used must be more than your opponents
tbot says 3) You must be past the 2 min warning. (*** WARNING You will timeout...)
tbot says 4) Your opponent must be idle
tbot says You may only use this command once per match, a use means all those conditions are met
tbot says Your clock will then be adjusted to be slightly shorter than your opponents.
tbot says If your opponent becomes active and you do not start the match then they may use the FixClock as well.
tbot says 1) They must be on the clock
tbot says 2) Their time used must be more than yours
tbot says 3) They must be past the 2 min warning.
tbot says Once they issue the command, this means that you both have indicated to TBOT that you wish to play the match and if the match is not started you will both be disqualified from the tournament.
tbot says Reminder: This command is designed for the most common improper timeouts, the usage of this command will be monitored and if there is a pattern of abuse then individual players will lose use of the command.

In the coming days I am going to run some test tourneys using the TBOT id so we can play with it.

I am not sure when I will have time, but I am sure there will be people around.



What a rough morning!

After deploying the new code with Fix Clock command and some other fixes, I ended up running the Mini's with Challonge (gasp) M A N U A L L Y

When the tourney was over, fix the problems and then later we ran a test tourney...

rif_raf was the first to use fixclock and it performed as I expected.

Time will tell if it helps as much as I hoped