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Game 4, move 23: Herd 3-1

Started by diane, July 18, 2011, 12:33:46 PM

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Position ID: 7/YAAiB2txkIAA

stog rolled 6-5, forced run 24-13...

Herd with this to do with as they will....

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14/12* 3/2. It seems pretty obvious to me, we hit the checker on the midpoint then play 3/2 because this gives us one more roll to make the 1 point next turn if our opponent doesn't enter.



We want to hit him and then keep him from anchoring.  (Not hitting because we're afraid of the anchor is foolhardy - it just opens us up to the more likely scenario where he leaps out with a 6.)

8/7 3/1* has a lot of logic to it, but I think it's too aggressive at score.  I'll opt to hit in the outfield and take my chances with the ace point game (assuming he anchors). Thus 14/12*

Then where to play the one?  8/7 aims the most ammunition at him, but leaves us open to the 6/1 joker.  We're at a point where a single point is good enough for us, so I'm going to err on the side of caution and say continue on with 12/11, although 3/2 is probably just as good.