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Fibsboard Forum Matches 2014 Report

Started by stog, December 19, 2014, 11:42:24 AM

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hi all

herewith the Fibsboard Forum Matches  Report for 2014 or at least an intro for now as i must go out..

thx to our special Guest players and match facilitators and all who have participated voted and commented on the 4 matches run this year including our first 7 point match

if you have any comments on the evolution of these matches  this seems to be a good place to post.. more later..

and thx again y'all


I would like to thumbs up, the initiative to run these matches -
Many years ago we ran similar on DBgF website, and it turned out to be very educative for 'new' players who rarely participated in discussions, since they were scared to '#### up and be laughed at'

This way - at least if the expert take his/her time to explain what they were thinking while making their move - every reader seems to get something out of the process. The reader might learn something new, and the expert might be better at explaining his thoughts, rather than just play by experience.

Thanks stog and other mods for taking your time to make this happen (I know it takes a lot of time) - and thanks to the experts for playing and explaining.

If any changes at all - Id wish rollouts were not run/posted during the match - I like hearing players thoughts before they run to GNU or other analyze program - but in this 'bot-world' I know it probably can't be done  ;)

Merry Christmas everyone - I hope to see a new match here soon, as I have little time to play these days, but always have time to browse through these pages. :)

Stay nice out there - and hopefully see you all soon :)