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24 Dec 2006 - Gammon Empire

Great Online Backgammon experience with Gammon Empire

Gammon Empire had started its way in a small backgammon market and since then grown to be one of most popular backgammon games server on the internet.

Its Software has a unique and excellent design which gives the player a fun and an exciting feeling almost as in real life with its 3-D feature and great sound style with good taste.

The site of Gammon Empire provides the player a complete guide with all the details a player needs to feel secured and calm using the software and playing backgammon game without being scared making foolish and impulsive mistakes which can get to undesirable money losses. And it gives many tips, rules and suggestions to learn playing well and even become a professional player in the end.

Gammon Empire backgammon has high standards more than other sites around and with its special design and friendly structure it has a lot to offer for backgammon player and has a support system for them.

Another great advantage for Gammon Empire is the plain fact that it is shared by the two biggest online Backgammon providers: play 65 and Gammon Empire which makes its reputation even stronger, because this great combination of these two offers a well established backgammon community and an opportunity to invest and work on the software development which is the most active and dynamic one in market and which progress and upgrades quickly and substantially for the best interests of the players.

Gammon Empire Homepage

The advantage of Gammon Empire program

Downloading the software of the Gammon Empire is an extremely short and easy process which takes few moments which makes it a simple one to use and learn. There are no extra requirements to download the program such as java/flash based programs which have to be downloaded into the PC, and a moment after downloading it the player can already start to enjoy the game without any other hassle or efforts.

While playing there is a broad variety of different kinds of rooms a player can choose to play in, such as against single or several rivals, participating in a tournament etc. and even take a class on Gammon Empire backgammon School which can help the player being a better one. In addition, there is a rating system which is part of the software and determines the rating of the player and no matter what the status of the player it tries to offer data which could assist with the way he plays and the results. With all of these special character and quality features the player can feel "at home" and especially with a sense there is help provides for questions etc.

As being mentioned, it cannot be ignored that Gammon Empire has great style and basic structure which makes it a friendly system to play with!

gammon empire interface

Why preferring Gammon Empire?

Clearly with of all of these great advantages, Gammon Empire is one of popular and easy to handle software of online backgammon games. Its so simple to use which make an enjoyable gaming experience and with its real life 3-D design and sound and with the opportunity to feel as a community by chatting with other players it summed to be the most professional and nicest online backgammon player can get.

Especially because Gammon Empire site and program gives him a full data of the basic rules and moves and support the player with a rating system to do the right thing and not to loose is money foolishly!

Apart from being the biggest backgammon server, Gammon Empire offers a wide and a complete data and assistance online in many languages (as Hebrew, French) so all the information a player wants can be found on it which makes it a main source of the game and the backgammon software as well.
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