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Game 3, move 24: Herd to move 6-2

Started by diane, September 26, 2010, 02:33:41 AM

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r_monk rolled, 5-2 was no good at all...a couple of options to choose from on the herds move..


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8/2 12/10 so as to avoid trouble next, if we throw 55 or 66


12/6 8/6 forces us to leave a shot if we roll 66.  The other two do not.  Granted, it gets us home a bit quicker than the other two plays, but this is hardly a race - we need to be much more concerned with not leaving a shot.

I like 12/4 because it keeps an even number of checkers on the high points and doesn't prematurely bury a checker on the 2.

EDIT: After reading stog's opinion, I see that 12/4 leaves us vunerable to 55. So 8/2 12/10 it is.