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Game 3, crawford, move 4 : Herd 6-4

Started by diane, December 22, 2012, 10:36:55 AM

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We are off again - at last..and I have the holidays should move ok now..

There are a couple of options with this one..worth thinking about
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13-7, 11-7  Anything else must be a double whopper with extra fries, sprouts and a second helping of pud with brandy butter.  Happies n' Merries to one and all!




While the Herd's choice would have been mine as well had I been here to vote, it's not as lopsided as one might think.  This is quasi-DMP, and at DMP you "hit first and ask questions later."  Hitting does pretty well, as does making the 11 point.


    1. XG Roller++ 13/7 11/7                    eq:+0.072
      Player:   54.11% (G:15.91% B:0.48%)
      Opponent: 45.89% (G:8.78% B:0.30%)

    2. XG Roller++ 13/3*                        eq:+0.048 (-0.024)
      Player:   53.08% (G:17.68% B:0.46%)
      Opponent: 46.92% (G:11.10% B:0.45%)

    3. XG Roller++ 21/11                        eq:+0.010 (-0.062)
      Player:   50.97% (G:13.41% B:0.36%)
      Opponent: 49.03% (G:8.39% B:0.28%)
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