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has the Forum Match run its course?

Started by stog, February 23, 2015, 10:43:11 AM

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has the Forum Match run its course?

or is there anyone out there willing to run another?

are there any changes that could be made to evolve it?

or has it simply run its course?


i've always enjoyed the online matches.  i think they are very good learning experiences not just for newer players but everyone.  its interesting to see the thought  process that goes behind the top players moves/cubes.  i hope this continues.


Match study is arguably the best way for players at any level to improve. I'm not sure though that the one player versus the rest format is the best way to go. How about an annotated match presented as a quiz, with the answers containing explanation? of course the explanation too can be open to discussion. I'd be happy to do one for you.
How about if two players play a match on fibs, which we can then dissect with comments from the analyser and the players as to what they were thinking and why?


i've only just seen this post today for some unknown reason.. and i think it is a mighty good proposal -- are you still willing to set up the first one -- then we can involve others?

cheers stog


I'd be interested in this format as well.