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Some Advice for Special Guests

Author Topic: Some Advice for Special Guests  (Read 17542 times)

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Some Advice for Special Guests
« on: February 27, 2011, 10:47:54 AM »
Some Advice for Special Guests (work-in-progress) please augment as fit...

the Forum match is performed one move at a time - commenting as u see fit ('say something interesting where you can'.)

-- if you look at one of the other matches you will see the dates -- usually u move every couple of days -- the herd (us, the forum have a poll/discussion -- and then we move

sometimes the match officiator/facilitator will move a 'given' or forced move, and if you let them know that you might want to double before they give you your dice roll -- all is well

as the special  guest you only have to login and make your move with a post -- you choose 'new topic to do that -- ie if you go to the new fibsboard forum match no? -- there are no posts at present -- but i will shortly click "new topic" to post a welcome post --- we will help you so don't worry -- the officiator manages gnu, and uploads the diagrams and the polls for the herd' the forum--- us lot who u are playing in effect...

 :drive1: will be officiating/facilitating the match, and he/she will contact you here, or on fibs when we are ready to go -- in the meantime -- let me know of any 'bio' i can include in the intro welcome -- doesn't really matter, but it's always nice to know when we have a nordic open winner in our midst -- and from where someone is from etc

np if u wish to remain anonymous

good luck and have fun

and remember we will guide you through it

we all use it as a learning aid and we don't usually gnu analyse until a position has passed and the cube is no longer valid etc

a match file is usually available at the end

thanks again and we look forward to reading your commentaries
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