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Anyone play there? Anyone have any comments?

I see the forthcoming IIBGF World Cup is to be played on there. I have registered and played a few games to try to get used to it. If you think Fibs dice are bad..................etc etc.

Something pretty strange going on there though.

Anyone had any similar experiences?


GridGammon (GG) is the reincarnation of GamesGrid(GG)

The community does not have as much, well, um, CHARACTER (yeah that's the word - Character) as FIBS does.

Last I checked the game play was quick (minimal lag)

The Dice? All I can say is dice are dice, online or off, they are all crazy.
(Besides it's not the roll but what you do with it)
(if you make the right moves you can maximize the number of moves that you can do something useful with - and THAT is what matters!)



The standard of play is much higher on GridGammon than it is on Fibs, with a number of world class stars to be seen in action. If fibsters play there, they can expect to have a rating about 140 points lower than their normal fibs rating. Shouts isn't quite as lively and their tournaments less interesting. They don't currently have a league.
Good server though.


Thanks for both replies.

Not particularly helpful, but thanks anyway.

I was thinking about this today......sad though I am. I am no expert in computer programming by any means - far from it. But I was thinking about how dice generators actually work. I know they call them random number generators or something like that, but if Fibs and Gridgammon use different programs, will the dice appear in markedly different ways, or particular patterns?

I don't know how these things work but I can't see how a computer program can simulate random throwing of dice without having a repeatable pattern over a pre-determined  number of rolls. If that pattern of rolls is different in each system, does that make it easier to forecast, or develop a style of play if you play with a particular dice generator.

Does that then give Gridgammon players an advantage over Fibs when playing on Gridgammon, and vica versa?

Just curious :)


I haven't the faintest idea how a random number generator works, nor do I care much, but I do know that on either server there is no way to forecast what number will come up next with a greater degree of accuracy than plain guess work. There is no pattern. Anybody who tells you different is talking through his hat.
Do you seriously imagine that Stick or Kaz or Mochy or Wells or any of the other mega stars that we see play on GG would play on a server with defective dice? It's laughable.

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