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stog: from an email...

"Hello to all players

As you might know, IIBGF tournaments stopped in 2012.

IIBGF was my idea of establishing organization that would offer competitive tournaments online for worldwide players as offered live in other mind sport games.

However, my personal health issue, my financial situation and lack of enough will for national groups administrators to establish the formal structure of the federation are reasons why i decided officially this initiative failed.

In the meantime, new national live organizations started to offer online tournaments for their members that count for official online rating such as US Backgammon Federation with their Online Circuit that is open to all international players, French Online Championships, Japanese Backgammon League, Russian, Austrian, Swiss and Ukranian Online Championships as well as IBC tournament that is co-organized by USBGF,FFBG and JBL.

As you know, IIBGF tournaments were without entry fees or monetary rewards due to legal issues worldwide.

Backgammon is already recognized as a mind sport in some Eastern European countries, as it was my wish to gather all players and national groups so we can form some kind of international federation for internet backgammon.

I hosted three successive years administrating Online Nations Cup as an idea in this regard. I hope one day all bg federations would agree to establish international federation that would start offering backgammon in a mind sport mode.

From 2013, Online Nations Cup will be hosted by USBGF which I wish all good success.

I will retreat myself from online backgammon organisational involvment and dedicate myself more as a player which suffered hugely in past years.

I thank all players who liked this idea

Yours sincely

Leonardo Jerković
IIBGF initiative director


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